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Personal data protection
Hotel Bourg Tibourg electronically processes the information that you provide in order to ensure the management of the room reservation process, to fulfill your requests and keep you informed of its actions with your consent or as part of its lawful interests.
These data are intended for the hotel’s internal services as well as authorized third parties (D-Edge for the reservation process and Mailchaimp for the sending of emails). They are conserved only for the duration that is strictly necessary and the achievement of the above purposes.
Hotel Bourg Tibourg pledges to not transfer your data outside of the European Union.
In accordance with the « Information Technology and Liberties » law modified, you have the right to access, rectify or delete your personal data, the right to limit or object to their processing as well as the right to their portability. You can also lodge a complaint with the CNIL.
These rights are to be exercised by letter to the hotel at the following address, Hôtel Bourg Tibourg - 19 rue du Bourg Tibourg - 75004 Paris, accompanied by a signed piece of identification, or an email to the following address,