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Hotel in the Marais District in Paris


Le Bourg Tibourg is a unique hotel located in the Marais district of Paris, 300 metres from the Hôtel de Ville metro station. The unique character of the place is emphasized by the original interior design inspired by a mix of styles with riad and gothic elements.

We have three types of rooms, each with an original atmosphere:

- Double Classic

- Double Deluxe

- Junior Suite


Our rooms have a unique, almost ephemeral atmosphere, combining discreet charm, elegance and decorative elements dating back over 100 years.


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An unforgettable stay in the centre of Paris


Enjoy a relaxing stay in our hotel located in the heart of the Marais district in Paris. This unique place has been designed as a timeless capsule, allowing you to disconnect from the outside world and the constant hustle and bustle of Paris.


Our ambition is that its residents can travel not only in space but also in time. Everything here is carefully designed, from the oriental colours of the décor to the smallest details. With its special, intimate and literary atmosphere, it is something of a relic of the fin de siècle era.

In addition, our professional and caring hotel team makes sure every day to make guests’ stay as memorable as possible.

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Visit the Marais Quarter



Our hotel is located in the Marais district, which stretches between the Hôtel de Ville and the Place de la Bastille, in the north-east of central Paris. Here you will find beautiful aristocratic residences in the predominant style of classical architecture, majestic old hotel buildings, historic churches or vast squares.


It is worth noting that despite the size of Paris, there are still places in it that have retained a small-town atmosphere, with quiet corners where you can enter the courtyard or garden of one of the houses.


We recommend that you take a walk and discover the various hôtels particuliers (French urban residences) in the area:


- Hôtel de Sens, where Queen Margot stayed,

- Hôtel d'Aumont,

- Hôtel de Sully,

- Hôtel de Soubise - the oldest in the city, dating from the 16th century,

- Hôtel Carnavalet - now a Paris Historical Museum,

- Hôtel de Lamoignon - now the reading room of the Paris Historical Library.