Interior design

« The Bourg Tibourg aims at
letting its guests travel
not in space, but in time. »


"It’s a small space. I thought it would be interesting to show that small can become grand.": this idea guided Jacques Garcia all along his decoration of the Bourg Tibourg. This man of genius, unrivaled specialist of stylish interiors, transformed the hotel into a real jewel - or rather a jewel box! Because here, everything is meticulously done, as if one had created a goldsmith's piece of orientalist colours that impregnate a neo-gothic décor to its slightest details, such as the clover patterns, or the red-and-brown striped-tissues.

At the Bourg Tibourg, the details flow with elegance: a XIXth century engraving here, a Viollet Le Duc chandelier there, a gargoyled-decorated folding screen further away. Likewise, the twenty four rooms are intimate, rib-styled nooks, inhabited by precious furniture found at the finest Parisian antique stores, and decorated with medalion-shaped fabrics. Each one features: a bathroom equipped with a large bathtub, mosaics and black granite on the floor. Charm, luxury, and discretion, wisely combined.

Finally, a small zinc basin lies on the hotel's intimate private courtyard, its little garden, provided with its "little forest", abounding with ground ivies, and arborescent ferns, imagined by Camille Muller. Beauty is on the details, and under Jacques Garcia's impulse, the Bourg Tibourg became a site of absolute fantasy. It is also, particularly, a paradise for dreamers of all nationalities. A hidden, but recovered paradise.