The Hotel

Luxury is to be able to slow down in today’s stressful times. At the Bourg-Tibourg, consider it done. Time is suspended, mission accomplished. Thanks to, in a large part, the remarkable work of Jacques Garcia who lent his talent, his vision, to the raw space at the beginning of the 2000’s.

Garcia also lent his sense of chic: a bronze lamp here, an infinitely soft rug there, and a niche transformed into a chair... Everywhere, the enveloping warmth of being "chez soi," at home, surrounded by life’s artifacts, carefully collected over the years and placed just so.

Suddenly, one is overcome with a desire to slow down, to take time to appreciate things that are neither ephemeral nor futile. The surroundings inspire transformation, to become a different person. Bourg-Tibourg defies time, stops the clock. Surely Huysmans would have found inspiration here. It’s your turn to find yours.