Calder-Picasso at Musée Picasso

Calder-Picasso at Musée Picasso

Alexander Calder and Pablo Picasso at Musée de Picasso.

Calder and Picasso were two of the most seminal figures of twentieth-century art. Known for their innovative ways to perceive grand themes. While the resonances between them are filled with endless possibilities. Their adventure in to the void, or absence of space, was a vital link between the two artists. This was defined using abstraction.

Calder and Picasso wanted to present or represent non-space, whether by giving definition to a subtraction of mass, as in Calder’s sculpture, or by expressing contortions of time, as in Picasso’s portraits. Calder explored ways to challenge dimensional limitations, or what he called -grandeur-immense. Picasso's approach focused on the emotional inner self. He tore away interpersonal space between author and subject.

120 pieces will be displayed that explore how these two artists engaged with the void and all that it implies about a world where mass is unsettled by the absence of mass and where, at the center of anything and everything, what we discover is a vacuum.

From the 19th of February to the 25th of August 2019 at The Picasso Museum.