« Plus de passé, plus de présent,
un temps immobile »

~Patrick Modiano

J.K. Huysmans would undoubtedly be pleased, as would Oscar Wilde or Graham Greene.

Such is Hotel Bourg Tibourg : a jewel hidden in the midst of daylight, right in one of the most renowned, phantasmagorical, and eclectic neighborhoods of Paris. It is there, in the heart of the Marais, discrete, full of a charming elegance and brilliantly self-asserted.

Welcome to the Bourg Tibourg, an intimate 4 Star hotel in central Paris, where you will be delighted to spend time, without noticing the time that goes by.

  • Paris beyond standards Special offer

    special offer illustration

    Want to spice up your Parisian stay with refined and unexpected experiences?

    Hôtel Bourg Tibourg and Clé Privée Travel Concierge offer to show you Paris as you have never seen it before.
    Art, gastronomy, and adventures- exceptional experiences are waiting for you.

    Discover exotic aromas in the workshops of artisan perfumers; taste rare wines in a picturesque cellar in the Latin Quarter; enjoy a personal viewing of the Cernuschi Museum and its exclusive Asian Art Collection; indulge in history with a tour of the Louvre with the the heir to the crown.

    To explore these and other experiences contact hotel@bourgtibourg.com

  • tailor made shopping Special offer

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    Making the most of its exceptional location, where trendy boutiques flourish nearly on every corner, the Bourg Tibourg proposes you a tailor-made shopping promenade!

    Linda will dream up an intinerary of your convenience and will guide you to discover every little fashion gem that lays in the Marais : the most renown designers as well as small, independent creators, from the top chic to the most arty-trendy, vintage boutiques, concept stores, the best delicatessen, tea houses…

    For more information, please contact us at hotel@bourgtibourg.com

The Talk of the town A voir en ville

Si tu m'aimes je me fous du monde entier

“Allez, venez Milord…”, “Non, rien de rien… »: we all know Edith Piaf’s songs. A few bars, a few words are enough to bring the ritornello back to our minds.
Her voice, her life, her repertoire: everything contributed to turning the small street singer into a variety star, one of the major and worldwide famous figures of French popular culture.
The centenary of her birth is a nice opportunity to re-discover the important moments of the singer’s life and career thanks to sound recordings, photographs, posters, letters, programmes... and good luck objects such as the famous little black dress.

This exhibition is also an opportunity to understand who Edith Piaf really was. She was a passionate woman who loved to laugh. The daughter of travelling performers, she had an exceptional career and became the symbol of the French people. Today, as a legend, she is part of our collective memory and her songs are still on our lips.

from April 14, 2015 to August 23, 2015
François-Mitterrand / Galerie 2

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